AlertDue to the extreme heat forecast, the TCS New York City Marathon Long Training Run #1 has been shortened by five miles. See the race page for details, and read our warm-weather running tips in advance of Saturday's event. 



New York Road Runners’ expert coaches don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all coaching philosophy. We offer a variety of training programs—NYRR Virtual Trainer, NYRR Group Training, and NYRR Team for Kids, and NYRR 1:1 Coaching—so you can choose the program that works best for you.

Using the NYRR Virtual Trainer platform, a special fitness program will be developed for you based on your age, gender, lifestyle, experience, and goals. With this program you can move at your own pace, and one-on-one e-coaching allows for easy feedback from your coach on anything from nutrition to injury prevention.

For those who thrive on a group dynamic of classes and team workouts, NYRR Group Training offers weekly speed, endurance, and beginner sessions in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.

Much like NYRR Group Training, NYRR Team for Kids coaches offer a great team dynamic and expert advice, all while helping you add meaning to your miles.

A personal coach can be instrumental in guiding you to becoming a faster, more confident, and stronger runner. Beginning July 10, sign up for our newest training option, NYRR 1:1 Coaching—created by runners, for runners!  
Once you sign up, we’ll ask you to tell us about your running history, current training, past injuries, and goals. We’ll then match you to an appropriate NYRR coach and schedule 1:1 meetings to train. During each meeting, your coach will guide you toward hitting your personal running goals. Along the way, you'll learn tips on how to improve recovery, eat right, and more. Each meeting will last approximately an hour.
You can register for up to five 1:1 meetings and schedule them at your convenience (pending coach availability) in parks throughout the five boroughs, as agreed upon by the runner and the coach.
Pricing is as follows, with the option for a discount to be applied based on the number of meetings purchased.

Number of Meetings NYRR Member Non-Member
1 $100 $125
2 $180 ($90/ session)        $205 ($102.50/session)
3 $255 ($85/session) $280 ($93.33/session)
4 $320 ($80/session) $345 ($86.25/session)
5 $375 ($75/session) $400 ($80.00/session)

Every Wednesday, from 12:00 p.m. to 1 p.m., our coaches offer a free, live chat on NYRR's Facebook page where you can ask them any and all training questions.  

Sign up now for the training option—or options—that works best for you!

For information about coaching opportunities, please reach out to [email protected].

Coaching Directory

Bobby Asher
Group Training

Bobby Asher has been working with NYRR’s Runner Products...

  Gordon Bakoulis
Group Training

Gordon Bakoulis has coached thousands of runners at all...

Trina Bills
Group Training

Trina Bills has been running for 10 years, and has worked with teams ranging from...

  Ann Bommarito
Group Training

Ann Bommarito joined the NYRR Group Training...

April Brown
Group Training

April Brown is a RRCA Level 1 Certified Coach and has been mentoring...

  Stuart Calderwood
Group Training

Stuart Calderwood has coached runners...

Michael Conlon
Team for Kids

Michael is a Physical Therapist and the founder...

  Laura Delucia
Group Training
Virtual Trainer
Team for Kids

Coach Laura is a USATF Level 1...

Michelle Duffy
Group Training

As Head Coach at the College of New Rochelle in Westchester...

  Mary Haskins
Group Training
Team for Kids

Coach Mary ran her first marathon in 1996...

John Honerkamp
Group Training
Virtual Trainer

John Honerkamp has coached runners of all ages and...

  Brian Hsia
Group Training
Team for Kids

Trained as an architect, Brian has been running since...

Melanie Kann
Group Training

Melanie is a coach for NYRR's awesome Group Training program...

  Molly Kreter
Group Training

Molly Kreter is a coach for the NYRR Group Training program. She is...

Winnie Lok
Group Training

Winnie Lok is a coach for the NYRR Group Training program. She is...

  John Lombardi
Group Training

John is a RRCA Level 1 certified running coach. He worked at...

Elizabeth Maiuolo
Group Training

Elizabeth is a USATF Level 1 Coach and a Certified...

  Roberto Mandje
Group Training

Roberto Mandje is an Olympic distance runner, a fitness model, and...

Daphne Matalene
Group Training

A retired oarswoman, Daphne Matalene joined...

  James McEvoy
Group Training

James is an RRCA-certified coach who brings his love of running...

Megan Miller
Group Training

Megan is a coach for the group training program in Prospect Park. She...

  Nina Morato
Group Training

Nina Morato, a USATF and RRCA certified coach, has been inspiring...

Steve Mura
Group Training
Virtual Trainer

Steve Mura is a coach of the NYRR Virtual Trainer...

  Binu Paulose
Group Training

Binu has run 17 marathons, his personal best being the...

Jim Purvis
Group Training

Jim has coached hundreds of runners in Brooklyn since 2007...

  Tammy Salazar
Group Training

Tammy is a coach for the Group Training program in Prospect...

Michael Scher
Group Training

Michael Scher is a coach for NYRR Group Training and a coordinator for NYRR’s...

  Amy Sitar
Group Training

Amy has coached hundreds of marathoners in Brooklyn since 2009.

Cassie Wangsness
Group Training

Cassie is an RRCA-certified coach who loves to run.

  Nick Wical
Group Training

Nick Wical has run eight marathons, one ultramarathon, and too many other...

Shawn Young
Group Training

Shawn Young has completed more than 240 road and track races at...


Meet Our Team for Kids Coaches

Team for Kids' runners dedicate their participation in world class running events to building a happier and healthier future for youth nationwide. Our runners receive guaranteed entry into premier running events and professional training support, while making every mile count fundraising on behalf of NYRR Youth Programs.

A Running Start

NYRR's free online coaching resource, A Running Start, includes 83 videos that were developed to help youth coaches teach the fundamentals of running through age-appropriate games, activities, and drills. Created in collaboration with a team of expert youth coaches and exercise physiologists, these activities can be used individually, incorporated into an existing practice routine, or used to craft one's own running session. 

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