AlertDue to the extreme heat forecast, the TCS New York City Marathon Long Training Run #1 has been shortened by five miles. See the race page for details, and read our warm-weather running tips in advance of Saturday's event. 


NYRR Group Training

Welcome to NYRR Group Training, with sessions for runners in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.

Geared toward runners of all levels, from newcomers to experienced competitive racers, the workouts offer camaraderie, coaching, and the inspiration that comes from running with others. Whether your goal is to become a runner, to run your first race, or to set a personal best, you’ll find a welcoming atmosphere that encourages you to pursue your goals and have fun.

NYRR Group Training will help you get stronger and faster with your choice of four different weekly sessions:

  • Turnover Tuesdays, which focus on interval training (faster short runs with rest intervals between them)
  • Mashup Wednesdays, which combine interval and tempo workouts
  • Track Workout Wednesdays, which concentrate on track intervals
  • Tempo Thursdays, which primarily feature tempo runs (steady runs at a challenging effort)

All sessions except Track Workout Wednesdays incorporate elements such as fartlek (“speed-play”) and hills. Visit our training terms page to get a better understanding of each type of workout, and meet the coaches who will be leading the workouts.

Every NYRR Group Training workout begins with a warm-up (including running technique work) and ends with a strength and stretching component.

Runners are divided into compatible groups based on experience, including your best pace from recent New York Road Runners races when applicable. In a mutually supportive and inspiring environment, you’ll meet like-minded runners and new training partners. (No more loneliness of the long-distance runner!)

Beginner Group
This separate section, with its own coaches and workouts, welcomes people who want to improve their overall fitness and have yet to run a non-stop mile. The eight-week session will introduce members to the world of running, with the goal of having them complete a 5K run (3.1 miles) by the end of the session. Initial workouts will include walking and easy jogging, preceded by a warm-up and followed by a stretching and strengthening component. No experience is required, and lots of encouragement is offered.

Marathoner Group
This specific program is geared toward runners who are training for the TCS New York City Marathon or another fall marathon. It will be similar in structure to the regular NYRR Tempo Thursday Group Training format, but tailored for runs of approximately an hour long, featuring marathon-specific workouts so that those seeking more distance can get those miles in at tempo pace.

Eight-week sessions that precede major New York Road Runners races like the TCS New York City Marathon, the United Airlines NYC Half, and the Airbnb Brooklyn Half feature specific training to prepare runners for those big events. During the sessions that kick off July 11 and September 5, we will offer a specific workout option for those training for the TCS New York City Marathon or another fall marathon. 

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  • January 10 – March 2
  • March 7 – April 27 
  • May 9 – June 29
  • July 11 – August 31  (In Session)
  • September 5 – October 26
  • November 7 – December 21

All workouts will last about one hour, except Marathoner workouts, which will last 90 minutes. See the schedule of start dates and times.


Turnover Tuesdays, 6:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m., Central Park and Prospect Park
Track Workout Wednesdays, 6:30 a.m., East River Park 
Mashup Wednesdays, 6:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m., Astoria Park
Tempo Thursdays, 6:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m., Central Park and Prospect Park


Brooklyn—Prospect Park
Tuesday and Thursday: Near the Grand Army Plaza entrance to the park

Manhattan—Central Park
Tuesday and Thursday: NYRR RUNCENTER

Manhattan—East River Park
Wednesday: At the benches on the west side of the track

Queens—Astoria Park
Wednesday: At the field house, between the track and the tennis courts

All workouts include a bag check area overseen by NYRR staff.


One workout per week:
NYRR members—$80 ($10/workout based on 8-week session)
Non-members—$100 ($12.50/workout based on 8-week session)

Two workouts per week (Tuesday and Thursday):
NYRR members—$150 ($9.38/workout based on 8-week session)
Non-members—$180 ($11.25/workout based on 8-week session)

May Session
LocationTimeStart DateStatus
Beginners–TuesdayCentral Park6:30 p.m.July 11Sold Out
Beginners–ThursdayCentral Park6:30 p.m.July 13Sold Out
Beginners–Tuesday and ThursdayCentral Park6:30 p.m.July 11Sold Out
Turnover TuesdayCentral Park6:30 a.m.July 11Sold Out
Turnover TuesdayCentral Park6:30 p.m.July 11Sold Out
Tempo ThursdayCentral Park6:30 a.m.July 13Sold Out
Tempo ThursdayCentral Park6:30 p.m.July 13Sold Out
Marathoners–ThursdayCentral Park6:00 a.m.July 13Sold Out
Marathoners–ThursdayCentral Park6:15 p.m.July 13Sold Out
Tuesday and ThursdayCentral Park6:30 a.m.July 11Sold Out
Tuesday and ThursdayCentral Park6:30 p.m.July 11Sold Out
Tuesday and Marathoners ThursdayCentral Park6:30 a.m.July 11Sold Out
Tuesday and Marathoners ThursdayCentral Park6:30 p.m.July 11Sold Out
Turnover TuesdayProspect Park6:30 a.m.July 11Open
Turnover TuesdayProspect Park6:30 p.m.July 11Open
Tempo ThursdayProspect Park6:30 a.m.July 13Open
Tempo ThursdayProspect Park6:30 p.m.July 13Open
Tuesday and ThursdayProspect Park6:30 a.m.July 11Open
Tuesday and ThursdayProspect Park6:30 p.m.July 11Open
Track Workout WednesdayEast River Park6:30 a.m.July 12Open
Mashup WednesdayAstoria Park6:30 a.m.July 12Open
Mashup WednesdayAstoria Park6:30 p.m.July 12Open

Coaching Staff

Visit this page to learn more about all of our NYRR Group Training coaches.

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